This life is very short to not do what you want to do. Be an inspiration. Be someone that people want to look up to. Be a role model. Make people happy. Make people change their perspective. Give people hope. Do something that helps someone else. Be the light in someone’s darkness. Find a purpose in life and start working on it now. Tomorrow it may be too late. Enjoy your day.


Enlisting Into The National Guard

A little late blog, but I have recently enlisted into The National Guard this month; November 3rd, 2015. I never thought I would be here today saying that, but life is a wild ride!

It all started out with an Email from a recruiter. It caught my attention immediately. I thought of it as an opportunity that I could not pass up. So then, I call up the recruiter with no hesitation and got an appointment set up with him! We talked and I told him that I would like to join the Guard!

I did all my paperwork I had to complete, then finally got my night at the hotel set up so I could go to MEPS the next morning to complete my physical and take my oath! Didn’t get much sleep that night, but ask anyone else who went through it and they would say the same!

It was a cool experience, met a lot of people (most of them were shipping out the next morning), did my physical along with a bunch of other examinations and tests, and swore in later that afternoon. That’s it!

I am enlisted into The National Guard and leave for OSUT on February 1st, 2016. Excited I am, but also a little anxious and nervous! This will change me, but only for the better! I want to be the best I can be. I want to make the United States proud. I want to be an inspiration and a leader to others.

If you want something in life, set your mind to it and accomplish it. Don’t think about it, do it. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back with you! 😀


Spreading Positivity With Quotes!

I just created this quote recently saying, “Even when times seem dark, you must still know the sun will shine eventually.” I really enjoy this as it tells the reader that times will get better soon. It is spreading a positive message. You must not give up. I found this idiomatic phrase which said, “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” It’s a Japanese proverb which has great meaning. Don’t let life throw its toughest punches and let it conquer you. Throw your toughest punch back at life and show it you can strive no matter what. I thought I would share this because I get excited from creating quotes as I don’t know who may read it and or share it. Take it easy everyone.

My Quote: http://behappy.me/even-when-times-seem-dark-you-must-still-know-the-sun-will-shine-eventually-7539217_mposter_front

I Graduated From High School Today

Going to write something quick as I go to my all night party soon but I will try my best to write a good story!


I graduated from Lake Shore High School today. I was getting teary-eyed while watching people speak, like our Superintendent, Christopher Loria, the legendary Mr. Daly who taught me so many things, inspired me tremendously, and gave an amazing commencement address which touched my heart and a lot of others in my class, and our very cool class president Haley Jacks! It was a great speech from our Valedictorian, Caroline Jankowski, which made us all smile and laugh away some of the tears from my face.

It’s pretty surreal to be writing this right now as I thought school was going to last an eternity but to realize the fun has just begun. I became friends with so many great people, friends who I thought I would never have. The only regret I have is not doing Wrestling in High School. I did it all through my time at Kennedy Middle School, but I cannot dwell on the past but to move forward in the future.

I will be attending Macomb Community College this fall! I have already taken one class there and hope to take many more soon! I plan to achieve my Associate of Business Administration in Finance (I seem to always change my mind!) Afterwards, I hope to go to Eastern Michigan University to get my BBA in Finance.

Lake Shore High School gave me many good memories, but we all have to move on to achieve what we always wanted to! I am very motivated and happy for my bright future ahead of me! Like our superintendent said today, we must go to college and get a good education now than rather wait to we are thirty years old. Do the things you want while you are young! Mr. Daly also gave great points today talking about focusing on legacy than currency. He said to ask yourself what you want to be remembered for throughout your lifetime.

Just remember to do the things that make you happy and success will come with you. Do things that you are passionate about. You will have to work, but only the best of things come from working hard and striving for your goals.

I am glad to call myself a shorian for life! It’s been a great run, now I have to run! Haha 🙂


Kids do a lot better when schools ban smartphones!

Article Link: http://money.cnn.com/2015/05/18/technology/smartphones-schools-ban/index.html


Seems obvious right?!

This is pretty cool to see that schools in England banned the use of phones. I think the United States should adopt the same method. Most students use their phone for games and social media nowadays, I can testify! I think schools should ban the use of phones in Elementary and Middle school because they are just too young to be having a phone. There are a lot of things that go into deciding if a school should allow the use of a phone or not. It depends on factors such as “is the schools’ test scores good or bad?” or “why does your child need a phone if he/she is in elementary or middle school?”

For the most part, I believe in the ban of phone use in schools overall, but there are benefits to having one as the ease of communication with your mom or say your coach for example football.

This is a very controversial topic and has to be addressed. If schools are concerned with the students education and the uprise of test grades, they should ban the phones or an alternate route of just limiting students phone use until the end of class. I can think that most students and teachers can agree on that.

Being Grateful

be-gratefulBlog #1 – http://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/foodnews/a-man-who-dined-at-the-same-restaurant-for-50-years-left-dollar100000-in-his-will-for-his-favorite-waitresses/ar-BBjFAhU

A man who dined at the same restaurant for 50 years left $100,000 in his will for his favorite waitresses

I think that this was so cool. I’ve seen more than a few stories of people being very generous with tipping and it’s great to see! I remember I believe from Dan Groves that he said, “if you can give then give!” If I had the money, I think all of us would be willing to tip more but for that man to put $100,000 in his will to his favorite two waitresses is pretty incredible. This was a demonstration of gratitude for a lifetime of service, not just a random act of kindness. I have a friend who is a busboy that also tries to tip a much bigger amount than I or the friends we would be with would because he also gets tips from his job so it’s really nice to see what’s done to him he does to others.

Blog #2 – http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikaandersen/2013/11/27/how-feeling-grateful-can-make-you-more-successful/

How Feeling Grateful Can Make You More Successful

In the article it says, “There’s quite a bit of research, though, to support the idea that experiencing gratitude can positively impact both your mental/emotional state and your ability to achieve the life you want.” It also says, “that happiness is not dependent on income, social position, or age. Researchers have found that some people simply approach their lives with an attitude of thankfulness — and some people rarely feel thankful at all, no matter how wealthy, powerful, beautiful, or healthy they may be.” “As Geoffrey James suggests, it’s helpful to think of gratitude as an emotional muscle that will grow and strengthen with intentional use.  We’ve all see those little magazine articles that tell you how to “Build Great Abs at Your Desk in Just 5 Minutes a Day.”  I don’t know whether it works for abs, but it definitely works for gratitude.”

I might even do this! “I suggest you make two little cards (you can just cut an index card in half, or use the back of your business card) both of which say, “I’m glad…” or  “I’m thankful…” Put one on your desk, so you see it when you’re at work, and the other somewhere at home where you’re most likely to see it often”

I think a lot of us need to realize that we have a lot to be thankful for and a lot of things we should not take for granted. Having a free public education is something that we should not take for granted for example! We need to be thankful for everyone that comes in and out of our lives, the teachers that we may not have liked that much, and the cars we drive! Be thankful for the small things!

Blog #3 – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/21/gratitude-healthy-benefits_n_2147182.html

10 Reasons Why Gratitude Is Healthy

First thing I see when I start to read this says, “There’s a whole host of reasons why we should make gratitude a daily practice — research has shown that being thankful confers a whole host of health benefits, from improved immune systems, to feelings of connectedness, even higher team morale.”

Reason 1 – It’s good for teens’ mental health! Grateful teens are happier!

Reason 2 – It boosts well-being. There’s a whole host of reasons why we should make gratitude a daily practice — research has shown that being thankful confers a whole host of health benefits, from improved immune systems, to feelings of connectedness, even higher team morale.

Reason 3 – It’s been linked with better grades. Grateful high-schoolers have higher GPAs — as well as better social integration and satisfaction with life! That is awesome!

Reason 4 – It makes you a better friend to others.

Reason 5 – It helps you sleep better.

Reason 6 – It can help strengthen your relationship. Journaling about the thoughtful things your partner did was linked with a beneficial outcome on the relationship.

Reason 7 – It benefits your heart. It may be beneficial in the treatment of hypertension!

Reason 8 – It’s good for team morale.

Reason 9 – It’s been linked to a better immune system!

Reason 10 – It protects you from negative emotions that come with extreme loss. “Gratitude can help to boost feelings of belonging and decrease feelings of stress!

As we can learn from this, it does tons of great things to you mentally and physically! Great information here to be “Great-ful” about! 🙂



This was a great blog to read about.

The first step of learning is to take responsibility! Reading about Robert Downey Jr’s story is pretty amazing to me about how he was a drug addict by the age of 9 years old! That is crazy to me about how he got mixed with drugs at such a young age and managed to come back in a position that made him rich and brung him fame. He told himself that nothing will happen until you stand up and say “I am responsible.” If you don’t take responsibility, you give up control over your life.

“Every time you fail, you have a choice: to take responsibility and do things that lead to future success, or to avoid the temporary pain of responsibility and make excuses. If we respond right to failure by taking responsibility, we can look at our failure and learn from it. As a result, we won’t be as prone to making the same mistake again.” – John C. MaxWell